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New Fork River

While not as big or famous as the Green River, the New Fork has a peaceful and intimate character as it makes its way through grassy meadows, subdivisions, and ranch lands and below sagebrush benches and looming bluffs. Large stands of cottonwood and willow offer shade and attract wildlife, making it a unique and ideal setting for a day of fly fishing.

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Known for great Fly Fishing

  • Season: The fishing season generally runs from July through September and sometimes into October, depending on the water flows, which vary season to season.
  • Access: Convenient public boat accesses make this river a wonderful float. The access points are as follows: Town of Pinedale / Pine Creek, Boulder, East Fork Confluence, Gas Wells and the Olsen Bridge access. Most of the New Fork River passes through private land so one must stay in the boat at all times and NOT anchor. It is up to the recreationist to be familiar with the State of Wyoming laws.
  • Flies: The most common flies used throughout the summer season are: Caddis, Stoneflies, Grey Drakes PMD's, Terrestrials, Midges, Baetis and Tricos.
  • Species: Fishermen are rewarded with brook trout, brown trout, rainbow, and there is ALWAYS a chance for a trophy class trout.
  • Fishing Guides: The New Fork can be quite a challenge and is not recommended for beginners and it can even test an intermediate fisherman's wherewithal. It is recommended to get a professional guide to get the most out of your day.

Where is the New Fork River?

The New Fork River originates at the New Fork Lakes at the base of the Majestic Wind River Mountains. The upper reaches flow though private lands until the Pine Creek Confluence River Access. From there the river is floatable. As the river flows south it inherits tributaries that flow down from Wind River drainages: Willow Creek, Pine Creek, Pole Creek, Boulder Creek, and the East Fork River. The New Fork carves a boundary around the northeast and southeast edges of the Mesa before joining the Green River just below State Highway 351.

- Content provided by Rhett Bain at Reel Deal Anglers.