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Wintertime in Jackson Hole, Wyoming offers a multitude of snow vacation activities for the whole family, from skiing and snowmobiling to dog sledding, sleigh rides and snow tubing.

Jackson Hole is a winter sports lover’s paradise. You can take your pick from a wide array of activities, not limiting yourself to only the popular skiing and snowmobiling. But they are fun too!


You’ll find incredible ski opportunities around Jackson Hole, with five nearby ski resorts.


As you explore Jackson Hole on a snowmobile, you will find yourself in a winter wonderland of wilderness.

Snowcoach Tours

Discover how pleasant it is, sitting in the warmth of a snowcoach, as you get a tour of the wildlife and landscapes of Jackson Hole, Wyoming and nearby national parks.

Dog Sledding

Take a short or long dog sled trip. You can even stay overnight on some.

Sleigh Rides

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Jackson Hole, moving silently across the snow, following beautiful alpine trails.

Snow Tubing

Snow tubing is a wintertime activity that doesn’t require any skill and yet provides fun for everyone.


Rent some snowshoes and start trekking through the wilderness areas and national forests around Jackson Hole.

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