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Green River

The Green River winds from high altitude meadows in Wyoming’s Wind River Mountains through lush pastures and sagebrush flats, creating an angler’s paradise.

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  • From high-altitude mountains to sagebrush flats, the Green River has it all. 
  • Fishing seasons vary for different stretches. 
  • Green River Lakes sit high in the Wind Rivers, offering a beautiful mountain setting with great fishing. 
  • Below Pinedale, the Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge is a stellar fishery.


While the Green River is a world-renowned fishery, often the lower sections south of the Flaming Gorge Dam are the most heavily fished and talked about. The upper sections, from the headwaters in Green River Lakes through Pinedale and down to the Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge, contain many hidden gems, not to mention some of the best fishing in the most beautiful surroundings around.

Fishing the Green River

The Green River is a major waterway for much of its length. The many public access points and large amount of public land surrounding the Green makes access for both float and wade anglers easy. Be warned, though, there are sections of the river which flow through private lands.

The waters of the Green River hold Cutthroat, brown, brook, and lake trout; Mackinaw; whitefish; and salmon.

Fishing Seasons and Regulations

Fishing seasons vary along the Green River. Green River Lakes are open from June through September. Check in with local Game and Fish departments for special regulations.

While summer brings the most people looking to enjoy plenty of long, warm days with busy hatches, the other three seasons have their own perks. Fall is a great time for more experienced anglers to challenger themselves to match hatches and perfect their cast. Winter sees the river empty out, as snow and cold weather lures anglers inside and to the ski hill; if you can stay warm, you’ll find yourself with the entire river and plenty of fish all to yourself. Spring is an exciting time to be on the river, as a long winter of little food brings large trout out in droves.