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Greys River

The Greys River is a trouty little treasure of a stream that often goes unnoticed by the majority of visiting anglers. Don’t let this gem sneak past you, too.

  • Greys River is a 50 mile-long gem of a river, tucked along Greys River Road outside Alpine, Wyoming. 
  • Small and large cutthroat, rainbow, brown and brook trout can be found hiding in cut banks, riffles, pools and meadow river bends. 
  • Best fishing is usually June through September.


The Greys River begins its journey high up in the Wyoming Range, 40 miles south of Alpine, Wyoming, and joins the Snake just above the intersection of US-89/26 before it widens and enters the Palisades Reservoir. Expect to find cutthroat, rainbow, brown and brook trout (some surprisingly large) throughout the slow meadow meanders, fast riffles and pocket pools that make up this waterway. Due to size, the Greys River is best fished by foot, whether from the bank or with waders, although sections are floatable.


Access to the 50-mile long Greys River is not difficult as Greys River Road hugs the river from its headwaters all the way north to Alpine, Wyoming. Plenty of access points along the road mean that if you happen to see someone fishing a stretch of water, driving a few more miles up the road will find you your very own private water.

Some small lake fishing is also accessible from Greys River Road.


Fishing on the Greys River is very depended on snow pack, with early spring runoff having the potential to flood out the river. The best fishing is usually late June through September.

Greys River Road is open from late spring/early summer through mid- to late fall. The last ten miles of road may require a vehicle with higher ground clearance.