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Snake River

From fly fishing to scenic float trips under the Tetons to thrilling whitewater rafting in the canyon to an afternoon swim on a hot summer's day, the Snake River is a source of activity for anyone who makes their way to Jackson Hole.

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  • Experience fly-fishing or a scenic float trip on the Snake River inside and outside of Grand Teton National Park
  • Take a whitewater trip starting at Hoback Junction
  • Marvel at the majesty of the Grand Tetons
  • Hike the Snake River Fisherman’s Trail
  • Spot wildlife like a bald eagle, moose or elk


Snake River Wyoming in Grand Teton National Park, offers plenty of adventure to the outdoor enthusiast, everything from fly-fishing to scenic float trips. There’s no better place to spend a hot summer’s day.


The northern section of the Snake River is within Grand Teton National Park below the Jackson Lake Dam. The Snake then flows through the park and through the town of Wilson, just west of Jackson Hole, before it picks up speed as it enters the Snake River Canyon just beyond Hoback Junction.


The best seasons to visit are spring, summer and fall, as snow generally covers the roads from early November through mid-April.


There is a wide array of Snake River Jackson Hole adventures to experience.


Throw in a line at a hot spot along the river, or take advantage of a guided fly-fishing trip on the Snake River WY. Fly-fishing is superb all along the river from Jackson Lake Dam all the way to the entrance to Snake River Canyon. The views are stunning, adding to the enjoyment.

  • Seasons: Snake River fishing is open from April through October. Although early season fishing can be good, fishing on the Snake River usually gets into full swing following run-off in late June to mid-July, when the river turns a turquoise greenish-blue color before running clear again. During the prime months from July through October, anglers can only do their best to keep up. If you only have one chance and want to maximize your shot at some truly spectacular fishing, plan your trip for September.
  • Floating vs. Wading: Much of the Snake River is regularly fished by foot and from shore, and very successfully at that. To truly experience the entire river, however, a boat is very helpful as it can be difficult to get to much of the large, fast-moving river on foot alone. Sections of the Snake River do require some technical boat navigation. Hiring a guide is highly recommended.
  • Where to Fish 
    -Jackson Lake and the Jackson Lake Dam tailwaters in Grand Teton National Park 
    -The inlet of Pacific Creek, where boaters often put in to enjoy that slow and steady current down to Deadman’s Bar, where the current picks up and the floating become more technical 
    -Moose Bridge, which has roadside access to wade or shore fishing and boat access
    -The Wilson Bridge, 12 miles downriver, where anglers often walk and fish the length of the levy that constrains the Snake River
    -The South Park Bridge, a popular start and end point for float trips and the location of Flat Creek tailwaters of Flat Creek, where large fish sometimes hang out
    -The famous Snake River Canyon, which begins its 20 mile run, complete with great boating and fishing, just seven miles downriver from the South Park Bridge.
  • Fine Spotted Snake River Cutthroat Trout: One of the highlights of Snake River fly fishing is the fact that it is home to its very own indigenous subspecies of trout – the Fine Spotted Snake River Cutthroat Trout. This beautiful trout is eager to strike at just about any dry fly, often regardless of the presentation, and can be recognized by its explosive strikes.

Rafting, Kayaking and Floats

Most people have found that a scenic float or an exciting whitewater excursion have been the highlight of their visit to the Snake River. As you paddle along, you will marvel at the majesty of the Grand Teton Mountains.

Calm and scenic float trips are available within Grand Teton National Park from the dam all the way to the southern boundary of the park, and outside the park to the entrance of Snake River Canyon.

From Hoback Junction to Alpine you’ll find the whitewater section, for some thrilling vacation adventure. You can combine a scenic float tour along with a half-day whitewater trip. Where the Hoback and Snake Rivers come together you’ll find an exciting place to enjoy some of the best of the Snake River.


Try out the Snake River Fisherman’s Trail and follow the Snake River and enjoy the quiet, private setting.

Wildlife Viewing

You may spot a bald eagle, a gigantic moose, an elk as you gaze into the forests.

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