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Henry's Fork Snake River

The Henry's Fork of the Snake River flows from Henry's Lake south until it merges with the South Fork of the Snake River near Rexburg. This river lures anglers from all over, while other attractions like Mesa Falls and Big Springs are worth the visit.

What can I see and do along the Henry's Fork of the Snake River?

The section between Henry's Lake and Big Springs is closed to fishing and the there is decent fishing above Island Park Reservoir, but below the reservoir is where the "Blue Ribbon" section begins. This 15 mile stretch is catch and release only. As the river enters Box Canyon its faster waters make wading challenging. The river then flows through Harriman State Park with many wide slow pools. The fish are smart here. Further down, you'll find great fishing between Riverside Campground and just above Mesa Falls. After the falls it merges with the Warm River before reaching the Ashton Reservoir, providing a very accessible stretch of river for anglers. Long story short, there are many sections of the Henry's Fork suitable for fly fishing.

Harriman State Park:
The Henry's Fork flows right through Harriman State Park, providing a serene backdrop to horseback riding and hiking trails. The River Trail offers easy access to the river for anglers.

Mesa Falls:
A must see when traveling to or from Island Park, the Mesa Falls Scenic Byway skirts the main road and offers lookouts and short trails to the Upper and Lower Mesa Falls.

Big Springs:
A major source for the Henry's Fork, Big Springs emerges from the land out of nothing. No fishing allowed here as the springs are home to enormous Rainbow Trout. You can feed the fish though and there is even feed available ... it's a great activity for kids. Another popular activity is to float from Big Springs to Mack's Inn. Inner tubes and rafts are available at Mack's Inn.

Where is the Henry's Fork of the Snake River?

The Henry's Fork of the Snake River begins at the outlet of Henry's Lake in Idaho and flows south through Big Springs, Island Park Reservoir, Harriman State Park, Island Park, Mesa Falls, and the Ashton Reservoir until its confluence with the South Fork of the Snake River near Rexburg.

When is the Henry's Fork accessible?

While the river is accessible for most of the year (other than the portion along the Mesa Falls Scenic Drive), fishing is ideal in the summer and early fall.