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Bozeman Montana

A getaway in the western atmosphere of the Jackson Hole area is a great travel adventure, and you should add Bozeman, Montana to your itinerary so you don't miss a bit of this incredible area. Wonderful weather, great recreation opportunities and much more are waiting for you in Bozeman.

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Bozeman, Montana is the place to go on your vacation through the wilderness of the west. You won't want to miss this scenic destination on your travels around Jackson Hole. Rich farmlands surround this historic town, where the old days of the West are displayed with pride.

Gallatin Valley holds much to do and see. In Bozeman, you can stroll around and witness the historic architecture and the sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Don't forget the Pioneer Museum on your tour. The surrounding forests beckon for some adventure, too.

It's a little over four hours to Bozeman, MT from Jackson Hole. Take the Wyoming Centennial Scenic Byway (US-26) for approximately 29 miles, going left on US 89 (be ready to pay some tolls on this highway). When you reach US 191, you'll go left and continue on 191, following US 20 and back on US 191 directly to Bozeman, Montana.

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