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Wilson Wyoming

Located just 7 miles west of Jackson, Wilson Wyoming is a quaint community known for its interesting nightlife and delicious breakfasts.

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  • Wilson is located 7 miles west of Jackson on US Route 22, at the eastern foot of the Tetons.
  • Keep your eyes open for moose that live in the area both summer and winter.
  • Lodging is scarce, but you can get gas, buy groceries, eat a great meal and kick up your heels in Wilson.


Situated at the eastern base of the 8,431-foot Teton Pass, Wilson is sometimes referred to as the 25 mph speed zone between Idaho and Jackson, Wyoming. Actually, Wilson is a great meeting place for adventures on Teton Pass.


The commercial portion of Wilson can be found on either side of US Route 22 at the eastern foot of Teton Pass. This small census designated community is approximately seven miles west of Jackson, Wyoming.


Wilson is primarily a bedroom community for individuals who work in Jackson Hole. However, you can get groceries, buy gas, get a good meal and kick up your heels at the local bar. For places to stay and other amenities, you should check Teton Village or Jackson.


Most of the activities found in or around Wilson Wyoming are associated with Teton Pass.

In the winter, Teton Pass is used by many as a backcountry skiing and snowboarding playground. With acres of snow-covered terrain, Teton Pass offers everything from easy to expert skiing.

In the summer, Teton Pass offers everything from downhill mountain biking to casual day hikes surrounded by an abundance of colorful wildflowers.


Due to its close proximity to both Teton Village (Jackson Hole Mountain Resort), and the city of Jackson, main attractions in Wilson are actually found in these other two locations.

There is a great bar at the foot of the pass, known for its good western music and the fact that the band playing there has been doing so for the past 40 odd years. Local and visitors alike spend Saturday and Sunday nights in Wilson, boot scooting across the dance floor.

Getting Here

From Wilson on to Jackson, it is an easy 7-mile drive along a paved, two-lane roadway.

Just on the eastern edge of Wilson, you will cross Fish Creek. If you look both up the creek and down the creek, you may be lucky enough to see moose in the water, enjoying fresh greens off the bottom.

Just after passing the turnoff to Teton Village (Jackson Hole Mountain Resort), the road crosses the Snake River. This is also a popular hangout for moose, so stay alert. Other sights here in the summer, will be river rafters, anglers and mass amounts of people and dogs enjoying the riverbanks and walking along the river dikes.

The drive continues to be very scenic as you cross a wide valley and see the majestic Teton Mountain Range to the west.