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Moran Wyoming

With only a post office and an elementary school, it's not so much about the town, but what's around the town. Moran, Wyoming serves as the eastern entrance to Grand Teton National Park.

Why should I visit Moran?

As the eastern most entrance to Moran, visitors typically visit this tiny community on their way into the park. There aren't any services in Moran, so you'll need to either enter the park or head south to Jackson for lodging and dining options. A number of hiking trails, rivers, and scenic vistas can be enjoyed nearby.

Where is Moran?

Moran sits along the northeastern edge of Grand Teton National Park. You can drive the outer park road from Jackson (US 191/26/89) to reach Moran. It takes about 45 minutes. East of Moran sits Togwotee Pass and Dubois, Wyoming.

What sort of amenities and services does Moran offer?

It's really not much of a town. There is a post office, elementary school, and a number of residents that live further out Buffalo Valley. Heading east toward Togwotee Pass, the Hatchet Resort and Togwotee Mountain Lodge offer lodging and dining. If you head into the park, you'll find lodging and dining at Jackson Lake Lodge and Signal Mountain Lodge. There are also tons of options further south in Jackson.

What can I do and see at Moran?

  • Grand Teton and Yellowstone: The main attractions of Moran Wyoming are the parks. You'll enter Grand Teton National Park right at Moran and can easily access trails and sites to see around Jackson Lake. Head north through the John D Rockefeller Memorial Parkway to reach Yellowstone.
  • Buffalo Fork of the Snake River: To the east the Buffalo Fork flows west from Togwotee Pass and merges with the Snake River right near Moran. The Buffalo Fork lures many a angler and it's great for just a scenic canoe float as well.
  • Two Ocean Lake: Just inside Grand Teton National Park, one of the first stops is Two Ocean Lake. There is a nice hiking trail that circumnavigates the lake.
  • Oxbow Bend: Also right inside the entrance you'll find the popular photography spot along the Oxbow Bend of the Snake River. Wildlife are typically most active around dawn or dusk.