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Moose Wyoming

Moose, Wyoming marks the southern entrance to Grand Teton National Park. It's home to the Craig Thomas Visitor Center, rental cabins, and a restaurant. Moose is your jumping-off point for visiting the park from Jackson.

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Why should I visit Moose Wyoming?

Chances are you'll find yourself in Moose whenever visiting Grand Teton National Park. This southern entrance to the park is home to the Craig Thomas Visitor Center, Dornan's Cabins and Restaurant, and Park Headquarters.

Where is Moose?

Moose Wyoming is the southern entrance to Grand Teton National Park. From Jackson drive north on US 26/89/191 and turn left into Moose/Grand Teton National Park. An alternative route links Teton Village to Moose via the Moose-Wilson Road, a prime wildlife viewing area.

What sort of amenities and services does Moose offer?

Dornan's has rental cabins as well as a full service restaurant and bar. It's known for having the best views of the Tetons in the park. Grab a beer and pizza on the top deck. There is also a gas station, small grocery store, gift shop, and gear store. A few outfitters offer fishing and wildlife viewing trips. Otherwise, Moose services include a spectacular visitor center and a post office.

What can I do and see at Moose?

  • Dornan's Pizza and Pasta: Offering one of the best views in the park, Dornan's is the ideal spot to grab something to drink and eat after a long day in the park.
  • Craig Thomas Discovery Center: With multiple interactive displays, a movie theater, gift shop, backcountry desk, and park information, this is a mandatory stop before entering the park for first-time visitors.
  • Ranger Programs: Winter snowshoe hikes begin at the visitor center. Or take a ride on the Menor's Ferry replica.
  • Chapel of the Transfiguration: This unique chapel is located just inside the entrance gate and well worth the visit.
  • Moose-Wilson Scenic Drive: As an alternative route to or from Jackson, hop on the Moose-Wilson Road for a chance to spot wildlife like moose and bear. You can also access the Death Canyon Trailhead from this road.

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