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Hoback Junction Wyoming

Located approximately 15 miles south of Jackson on Hwy 189/191, Hoback Junction marks the confluence of the Hoback and Snake Rivers. Many whitewater rafting trips head down the Snake River Canyon from Hoback Junction.

Why should I visit Hoback Junction?

While not much of a town, Hoback Junction is home to a few year-round residents, a gas station, small grocery store, and a few outfitters. Most visitors come to Hoback Junction to access Snake River rafting put-ins, fishing on the Hoback River, nearby climbing areas, and Granite Hot Springs.

Where is Hoback Junction?

Located directly south of Jackson, Hoback Junction marks the confluence of the Hoback and Snake Rivers, where the Hoback Canyon ends and the Snake River Canyon begins. To the southeast, you'll run into the small ranching community of Bondurant. To the southwest, you'll find Alpine, Palisades Reservoir, and a few of Jackson's bedroom communities in Star Valley, Wyoming.

What sort of amenities and services does Hoback Junction offer?

There isn't much available right at Hoback Junction other than a gas station and small store, but you can find nearby lodging at the Snake River KOA (just a few miles north) and at a few guest ranches. Camp Creek Inn is located a little further south in Hoback Canyon and offers lodging, a restaurant, and full bar in the summer months. Jackson is just a 20-minute drive to the north and offers endless lodging and dining options.

What can I do and see at Hoback Junction?

  • Whitewater Rafting: While you can pretty much raft or float any section of the Snake River, the most popular section begins at Hoback Junction and offers consistent Class III rapids through the Snake River Canyon. Find a Whitewater Rafting Outfitter.
  • Fishing: The Hoback River is renowned for great cutthroat trout fishing. Above the Snake River Canyon, the Snake also offers wonderful waters for dropping a line.
  • Granite Hot Springs: This awesome oasis of hot water lures in locals and visitors alike. A small fee to enter the pool. It's located up Granite Canyon in Hoback Canyon.
  • Climbing: The Hoback Shield and Rodeo Wall are two popular traditional climbing areas just southwest of Hoback Junction.