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Bondurant Wyoming

The serenity of beautiful Bondurant, Wyoming is something to behold. This quiet ranching town is located below Hoback Canyon southeast of Jackson and offers a few guest ranches, a cafe, and endless outdoor activities.

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Why should I visit Bondurant?

Named for B. F. Bondurant, who built his ranch in the Hoback Canyon in the 1900s, the mountain views here attract many. With only 100 residents, Bondurant provides solitude and a serene setting for outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, hunting, horseback riding, and snowmobiling. With only one restaurant and a few guest ranches, you'll probably drive right through "town" without noticing.

Where is Bondurant?

Bondurant is about a 45 minute drive southeast of Jackson. Head south on US 191 towards Hoback Junction. Turn left/east at the junction and continue on US 191 through Hoback Canyon. On the far side of the canyon, the valley opens up to the very small town of Bondurant.

What sort of services and amenities does Bondurant have?

The Branding Iron Cafe serves breakfast and lunch during the summer months. A couple nearby guest ranches (including the Jackson Fork Ranch and Black Powder Guest Ranch) offer all-inclusive vacations that include lodging, dining, and guided outdoor activities. There is also a post office in town.

What can I do or see in Bondurant?

Bordered by the Gros Ventre Wilderness and the Hoback River, Bondurant offers solitude for many outdoor activities. Guided outings like hunting and horseback riding can be booked through nearby outfitters. Here are a few things you can do on your own:

  • Fishing: The nearby Hoback River and Granite Creek provide a wonderful setting for anglers to test their skills with the fine-spotted cutthroats. Rafts can be used on the Hoback at higher water levels, but wade fishing is the most popular way to access both of these waters.
  • Hiking: A few nearby trailheads provide access to remote hiking trails within the Bridger-Teton National Forest. Try Beaver Creek Trailhead (Forest Road 609) or Cliff Creek Trailhead (off of US 191 in Hoback Canyon).
  • Annual Bondurant BBQ: Held the last Sunday in June, the Bondurant BBQ is a community event that raises money to support the historic church. The community maintains a website with Annual Bondurant Events.
  • Granite Hot Springs: This small developed hot springs is located out Granite Canyon, just a short drive north of Bondurant.
  • Church of St. Hubert the Hunter: Built as a community center for the town in 1941, this church is now a historic landmark.