Highway 89 in Jackson Hole Wyoming


Wyoming Highway 89

You'll discover nature at its best as you take a trip along Wyoming Highway 89. There is nothing like this almost 40-mile drive in the gorgeous Yellowstone region for some incredible experiences and views. Watch the wildlife and the natural wonders of our great earth on Wyoming Highway 89. Read More

Start out at the junction of Highway 20 to take Wyoming Highway 191 for a vacation trip you'll never forget. You can take a side-trip here to view Old Faithful and other famous Yellowstone sights.

As you move along, you'll find some great roadside turnouts to enjoy the vistas. You can get access to the Purple Mountain Hiking Trail and move through some lovely pine forests with great views of Gibbon Valley. If you want to stop and do some hiking, Monument Hiking Trail is a gentle trail following the Gibbon River. You should also take some time to visit the Artist's Paint Pots Thermal Area when you come to that access and the Norris Geyser Basin, which is the hottest thermal area in Yellowstone. Further along you can also make a visit to the Yellowstone National Park Ranger Museum. There's so much to see, you won't want to miss a thing on Wyoming Highway 191.