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Teton Pass Wyoming

Teton Pass is a steep mountain road that connects the valleys of Jackson Hole Wyoming and Teton Valley Idaho. While many who live in Teton Valley and work in Jackson drive the pass daily, avid skiers and bikers use the top of the pass as a starting point for backcountry skiing and downhill mountain bike trails.

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Why should I drive Teton Pass?

  • To Get to Jackson: If you are coming from the west, particularly Idaho Falls, driving over Teton Pass is the most direct route into Jackson Hole. Stop at the top and take your picture in front of the amazing views.
  • To Get to Teton Valley: In the winter months, skiers and boarders head over the pass to Grand Targhee to escape the crowds and the high prices of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. There are many reasons to visit Teton Valley in the summer months as well: biking and hiking trails, the Spud Drive-In, fishing the Teton River, and a scenic drive up the Eastern Idaho corridor.
  • Backcountry Skiing: The parking area at the top of the pass becomes a zoo once the snow flies. Backcountry skiers hike up Mount Glory or skin out on the south pass trail to access great skiing. Please go with a guide if you don’t know your way around.
  • Mountain Biking: A handful of mountain biking trails can be accessed from the top of the pass. Popular trails include Blacks Canyon and Lithium (an extreme downhill trail). Stop by Wilson Backcountry at the base of the pass for a map.
  • Phillips Trailhead: About 2/3 of the way up the pass, turn off at Phillips Trailhead. The hike out to Ski Lake is really nice. The Arrow Trail is a wonderful cross-country mountain biking trail. Link it up with the Ridge Trail for a longer more technical ride.
  • History: Teton Pass used to be the primary mail route into Jackson. A horse and cart would make the treacherous climb roughly once a week. There also used to be a rope tow at the top of the pass. It ran off of an old truck engine.

Where does Teton Pass begin and end?

If driving from east to west, take WY-22 out of Jackson (towards Wilson). This road runs through the town of Wilson and then immediately begins climbing the steep Teton Pass. On the other side of the pass WY-22 turns into ID-33 and drops into the small town of Victor in Teton Valley.

Note that trailers are not allowed over the pass during the winter months. Due to frequent avalanches, the road closes on occasion for avalanche control.

How long does it take to drive?

Depending on how fast your car goes up really steep hills, the Pass takes about 45 minutes.

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