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The Jackson Hole Ski School is one of the most accommodating in the country, catering to every level of snowboarder, alpine and Nordic skiers, and children. With a fabulous Jackson Hole Ski Resort to enjoy the snow on, the Mountain Sports School has something for everyone. Read More

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Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Our Mountain Sports Schools offers ski and snowboard lessons, individual and class instruction, video evaluations, race clinics, guide service and Wild West Camp series!

The Mountain Sports School at the Jackson Hole Ski Resort prides itself on its knowledgeable and skilled staff, whose goal is to make your skiing or snowboarding experience a better one with superb instruction. A lesson has a way of jogging your memory of things you have learned in the past, releasing bad habits, and learning some new tricks. Anyone can benefit from a lesson, regardless of level of expertise and the Mountain Sports School employs instructors with a variety of strengths designed to cater to every type of skier and snowboarder. Whether you are a first time skier learning the essence of linking a turn, or a long time veteran of the sport looking to refine your steep chute turns, a lesson is money well spent.

The Mountain Sports School offers lessons at every level in alpine and Nordic skiing as well as snowboarding. Backcountry travel guided tours and lessons are also available. Special attention is spent on placing people in the correct level which will provide the maximum learning potential for everyone involved.

Lessons are given throughout the day at convenient times and various session times are offered. During peak season times, reservations are recommended, however, often times, you can show up and jump into a class. Group lessons as well as private lessons are offered. A group can provide a fun atmosphere for learning while a private lesson will give your instructor the opportunity to focus on your skills and will be able to cater the session specifically to your needs.

In addition to adult lessons, the Mountain Sports School operates the Kid’s Ranch which offers a program specifically dedicated to children. with the Wrangler Daycare which provides daily care for infants 6 months to 2 years old, the Kid’s Ranch includes the following programs:

  • Pioneers Ski Lessons - 3 to 4 years (beginners only)
  • Rough Rider Ski Lessons - 3 to 6 years
  • Little Ripper Snowboard Lessons - 5 to 6 years
  • Explorer Ski & Snowboard Lessons - 7 to 14 years
  • The Fall Line Camp - 13 to 18 years

In addition to the above, the Kid’s Ranch provides special Kid’s Night Out activities, holiday activities and camps, and local’s programs. Utilizing unique kid zones on the mountain, a trail map geared for kids, and even a kid’s website within the resorts’ site, the Kid’s Ranch is truly an amazing program that combines learning with fun.

An adaptive ski program was developed in 1984. In this exciting program children and adults with varying levels of abilities can enjoy the experience of skiing on the mountain. Specially certified instructors and trained volunteers provide these services.