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Paved Trail System

Hiking and biking is not only a popular activity around Jackson Hole, Wyoming, but it's also a great means of transportation. Walkers, runners, dog owners, and bikers will love cruising the ever growing network of paved trails in the area.

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Town Pathways
Most of the paved pathways are located in the southwest portion of town. One of the best access points is behind the post office along Maple Way.

Jackson to Grand Teton Park
Just north of town you can park your car in one of the town parking lots and ride your bike on a newly paved pathway all the way to Moose, the south entrance of Grand Teton National Park. You can park in the Home Ranch Parking Lot or the Deloney Street Parking Lot for easy access.

Grand Teton Park Roads and Pathway
While the park roads are typically narrow and not recommended for bikes, they are open for biking-only in the spring before roads open to vehicles. A fully-paved section of pathway was added to the connecting system in recent years, now allowing for safe riding from Moose to Jenny Lake.

Moose Wilson Pathway
The Moose-Wilson Pathway runs from Wilson, at the base of Teton Pass, to Teton Village. During the summer, you can continue on into Grand Teton National Park (park entrance fee required) to Moose. The road turns to gravel halfway between Teton Village and Moose, but this is a great secluded corridor for viewing wildlife.

Old Pass Road
From the base of Teton Pass, you can ride or walk up the steep Old Pass Road for as long as you like. It takes a little over an hour to ride all the way to the top of the pass on this unmaintained road.

Trail Maps

The following maps have been provided by Friends of Pathways in Jackson, Wyoming to help you stay up with the most current trail & path segments built to date, and future planned additions.

Greater Jackson Pathways

Downtown Jackson Pathways