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There are a number of hot springs that are great for a soak located in the greater Jackson Hole area.

Yellowstone National Park Hot Springs

While a majority of the hot springs and geysers in Yellowstone are too hot for swimming, keep your eyes peeled for the Firehole and Boiling Rivers, two popular spots for enjoying a swim or a soak. Two additional hot springs, Dunanda Falls and Ferris Fork Pool, can be accessed by a day or overnight hike. Here are all the places that you can enjoy soaking in hot springs in Yellowstone:

The Boiling River is located near Mammoth Hot Springs and is probably the most popular spot for swimming. Hot water pours over rocks as it enters the cold waters of the Gardner River, which provides a safe and enjoyable spot for the whole family.

The Firehole River is located near the West Entrance in the Lower Geyser Basin. In the heart of the summer, it might be hard to find a parking place to enjoy these waters but there is a reason why it can be so busy. The warm waters of the Firehole offer the perfect temperature for a long soak and the river is wide enough that you can easily share the waters with its many visitors.

Huckleberry Hot Springs

Huckleberry Hot Springs are located in the John D. Rockefeller Parkway, just south of Yellowstone and north of the Grand Tetons. These hot springs are primitive and very muddy but nonetheless, their remote location makes them ideal. Access to these pools is open year-round and provides for a great cross-country route in the winter.

Granite Hot Springs

Granite Hot Springs are located south of Jackson Hole. Follow route 26/189/89/191 south out of town until Hoback Junction. Turn left and continue on 189/191 until you see signs for Granite Creek. In the summer months you can follow a 11-mile dirt road into the hot springs. A pool has been built to capture the water but the fresh hot spring water constantly flows through the pool. There is a small fee for use of the pool which you can pay upon arrival. Facilities include a bathroom and changing room. You can also find undeveloped pools below the developed pool along the river but this often involves wading across the icy waters of Granite Creek to access. In the winter months, you can access Granite Hot Springs by snowmobile rental or tour, dog sled ride, or a long cross-country ski trail (rentals available in town). Call 1-307-734-7400 for details or find more Granite Hot Springs info.

Kelly Warm Springs

Located north of Jackson, Wyoming and just outside of the town of Kelly along the Gros Ventre Road, the Kelly Warm Springs offer perfectly warm and not to hot waters for a good summer soak.

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