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Gannett Peak, Highest in Wyoming

At 13,804 feet, Gannett Peak is the highest mountain in Wyoming. It's located in the Wind River Mountain Range, along the Continental Divide, just twenty-five miles north of the town of Pinedale. The standard route to the top is around 40 miles round-trip and is recommended for experienced mountaineers only.

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What can I see and do at Gannett Peak?

Climb It
Recommended for experienced climbers and mountaineers only. The most popular route is a multi-day backpacking route that begins at the Elkhart Park Trailhead (just a few miles from downtown Pinedale). At roughly 40 miles round-trip, the trail passes Island Lake and leads to Titcomb Basin, where most climbers set up their basecamp. To summit the peak, climbers will encounter a long day by climbing over Dinwoody Pass and following the Gooseneck Route to the top. Gannett Peak is best climbed in July and August. Climbers will need a variety of gear including ropes, ice axes, and crampons.

Camp in Titcomb Basin
If you aren't up for the climb, consider a multi-day backpacking trip to Titcomb Basin, in the heart of the Wind River Range. The Wind Rivers offer spectacular scenery that is utterly remote.

Where is Gannett Peak?

Located southeast of Jackson in the heart of the Wind River Range, Gannett Peak is actually accessible from either Pinedale or Dubois, two towns that sit on the northern and southern ends of the range. Most climbers opt for the Pinedale route.

When is the best time to climb it?

June through September are suitable for climbing but the best months are July and August. Note that mosquitoes get really bad in the heart of the summer and have been known to scare hikers and backpackers out of the area.

Who should I call if I have more questions?

Contact the Pinedale Ranger District at 307-367-4326. Or find a nearby Climbing Guide.

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