Jackson Hole Hill Climb, Snowmobile Hillclimb Championship


Snowmobile Hill Climb World Championship

Snow King rises 1,500 vertical feet above the town of Jackson. The hill climb course follows a route that, near the summit, steepens to a nearly 45-degree angle. Hill climbers who lose it on the upper reaches of the course often tumble hundreds of feet back downhill.

  • Happens at the end of march every year.
  • One of the towns busiest events all year.
  • You can either watch from the base of Snow King or ride up the lifts for a slopeside view of the course.

About the Snowmobile Hill Climb:

The race to the summit of Jackson Hole's Snow King mountain. The even attracts racers and enthusiasts each year to cheer on their favorite racer. Spectators may not be content sitting int he grandstand so some choose to ride the lifts up and slide down the snowy hill for the best cheering spot.

When is the Hill Climb?

Held at the end of March every year, racers compete over a three day period in several categories depending on their machines and experience. March 22nd-25th, 2018.

Where is it?

The race itself is on Snow King Mountain. Spectators and vendors can be found at the base of the mountain with their eyes to the sky as they cheer on their favorite competitor.

How much does it cost?

There is an entrance fee for the event as well as for concessions and lift rides for slopeside viewing.

What else should I know about this event?

Even spectators face challenges. Prime vantage points for viewing the race high on the course are on the same steep slopes that frustrate so many drivers. It is difficult to simply stand upright along some sections of the course. The town is busier than ever with visitors and competitors. Brrraaaapppp is the sound ringing in your ears for days after. Find more information on the Snow Devils website.

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