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A lot of details can go into planning a Jackson Hole, Wyoming wedding. Start here and find local wedding planners, great venues, professional photographers, caterers and bakers, and much more.

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Hair & Makeup By Tanya Crocker

Providing professional ON LOCATION make-up application and hair designs for your wedding or special occasion in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

5-Step Guide to Planning a Wedding in Jackson Hole

  1. Find a location for the ceremony and the reception. Then, set the date. 
  2. Determine your music choice (live band or DJ) and book it. 
  3. Find a caterer and wedding cake. 
  4. Pick out a dress and determine the décor. 
  5. Find a photographer.

Top Jackson Hole Wedding Locations

There are tons of beautiful wedding locations and venues in Jackson Hole. Here are some of the most popular locations:

How to get a Marriage License

If you are getting married in Jackson, you must acquire a marriage license from the State of Wyoming.

  • You need to register in person at the Teton County Administrative Building (220 S. Willow St).
  • You need to have a driver’s license as ID or a certified copy of your birth certificate. You will need to know your social security number as well as your mother’s maiden name, and the states where your parents were born. 
  • If one partner has been married before, a copy of the divorce decree (certified) will be needed. If a previous spouse is deceased, a plain copy of the death certificate is required.
  • A license costs $30.
  • Call (307) 733-7733 with questions.