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Swan Valley Idaho Activities

Although home to only a few hundred residents, Swan Valley offers a plethora of activities and attractions.

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What can I do and see in Swan Valley Idaho?

For the dry-fly angler, nothing in North America can compete with the South Fork of the Snake River. The upper reaches of the river stretch for approximately 14 miles from the Palisades Dam down to the Conant Valley access. This section of river has good access and is great for wade fishing. From Conant to Byington, the South Fork enters the canyon for roughly 25 miles and is best fished via drift boat or float.

Horseback Riding
Trailriders can bring their steeds into the valley and surrounding palisades and explore trails up Rainey Creek, Indian Creek, Palisades Creek and across Calamity Point into Bear Creek. The Hansen Guest Ranch is a bed and breakfast located on Rainey Creek that also offers the most horse-friendly property in the valley.

As the seasons turn in late August and early September, an explosion of reds, yellows and a myriad of other colors on mother nature's palate flourish throughout the valley paralleling the oft heralded northeastern turning of the leaves. No need to venture to that side of the country when the accessible trails off of Highway 26 deliver phenomenal photo opportunities and a chance to relish the richness of nature's last days before the onset of fall.

Falls Creek Campground (on Snake River Road) and Palisades Creek Campground (by the dam) provide nice public campgrounds right along the river.

Fall Creek Falls
Cross the river at Spring Creek and head up Snake River Road. Just one mile up the road you'll find a lookout to the lush Fall Creek Falls.

The Snake River Road, accessible at the Spring Creek Bridge or by traversing the top of the dam at Calamity Point, provides entry to some of the best-groomed snowmobile trails in all of eastern Idaho. Falls Creek Road goes up to Skyline Road and out to Bone. Over the top of Jensen Pass and on to McCoy Creek Road to Brockman or crossing Calamity Point and through Bear Creek over to Jensen Pass, snow permitting, offer great rides. A left at McCoy Creek road leads to Alpine, Wyoming while a right turn goes on to Grays Lake.

Cross Country Skiing
The landscape surrounding the South Fork Lodge offers a magnificent 25km cross country skiing trail, and several ranches throughout the valley drop their barbed wire fences to accommodate snow mobile machines X-country skiers or snowshoers.