Jackson Hole Wyoming - Grand Teton & Yellowstone (5-7 Days)


Grand Teton & Yellowstone (5-7 Days)

In 5 to 7 days, you can explore a majority of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. Spend a couple days in Grand Teton National Park hiking and viewing wildlife and the rest of the week in Yellowstone, discovering attractions like Old Faithful, Mammoth Hot Springs, and the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

Grand Teton National Park Highlights

Grand Teton National Park Map

Things to See

  • Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center – A place to start. Interactive exhibits, educational film, store, maps, hiking information, ranger programs.
  • String Lake – A shallow lake great for picnics and short hikes, as well as mid-summer swimming.
  • Signal Mountain Road – The Signal Mountain Road winds up to almost 8,000 feet, offering views over Jackson Lake and the Teton Range.
  • Oxbow Bend - View bald eagles, osprey, and moose.
  • Mormon Row & Antelope Flats - Along the Outer Park Road, turn onto Antelope Flats Road. Stop by the historic and over-photographed Mormon Row. Then drive out a short distance toward the Gros Ventre Mountains and look for bison.
  • Moose-Wilson Road - On your way to/from Jackson, take an alternative scenic road that joins the South Entrance of the park and the small town of Wilson. Moose and sometimes bear can be spotted along this road, especially at dusk.

Things to Do

  • Take the Jenny Lake Boat – A 15 minute boat ride from the Jenny Lake Parking Area to the base of Cascade Canyon. Take the boat round-trip or just one-way and hike along the Jenny Lake trail on the way back.
  • Hike to Hidden Falls, Inspiration Point, and/or Cascade Canyon – Hike up to Hidden Falls (1.2 miles RT from boat dock) or continue on to Inspiration Point (2 miles RT from boat dock) or into Cascade Canyon (2 miles to 9.6 miles RT from boat dock – as an out and back, you can go as far as you want and turn around).
  • Hike up Paintbrush Canyon – A less busy and equally beautiful hiking trail can be found up Paintbrush Canyon. Try the strenuous Holly Lake Trail (13 miles RT).
  • Hike the Teton Crest Trail – This multi-day hike is a must for avid hikers and offers the best way to experience the park. The full span of the trail connects Teton Pass to Paintbrush Canyon, but there are many other trails and canyons that can make this hike shorter. Backcountry camping permits are required. Call (307) 739-3300 for details.
  • Book a Scenic Float Trip – A scenic float trip through the national park offers unbeatable views, an ideal way to spot wildlife, and a chance to learn about the park. Scenic Float Trip Companies
  • Go Horseback Riding – Horseback riding is offered throughout the valley. Horseback Riding Outfitter

Park Lodging

Advance reservations required.

  • Climber's Ranch – (307) 733-7271
  • Colter Bay Cabins - (800) 628-9988
  • Dornan's Spur Ranch Cabins - (307) 733-2522
  • Flagg Ranch Resort - (800) 443-2311
  • Jackson Lake Lodge - (800) 628-9988
  • Jenny Lake Lodge - (800) 628-9988
  • Signal Mountain Lodge - (307) 543-2831
  • Triangle X Ranch - (307) 733-2183

Park Camping

Unless noted, all campgrounds are first come first serve.

  • Colter Bay Campground - (800) 628-9988
  • Flagg Ranch Campground - (800) 443-2311 (reservations available)
  • Gros Ventre Campground - (800) 628-9988
  • Jenny Lake Campground - (800) 628-9988
  • Lizard Creek Campground - (800) 672-6012
  • Signal Mountain Campground - (800) 672-6012

Nearby Lodging

Yellowstone National Park Highlights

Yellowstone National Park Map

Old Faithful Area (Southwest)

Things to See & Do

  • Watch Old Faithful Blow – Old Faithful blows every 35 minutes to 2 hours and can last from 1.5 to 5 minutes.
  • Hike Geyser Hill Loop Trail (1.3 miles Easy) & Observation Point (1.1 miles Moderate) – Trail starts at the Old Faithful Boardwalk and passes a number of interesting geysers like Beehive and Anemone. Continue on up to Observation Point.
  • Rent a Bike and Ride to Black Sand Basin and Lone Star Geyser – Head south from Old Faithful to Lone Star Geyser and/or north to Black Sand Basin. Both of these attractions can be accessed by bike, with a short walk at the end.
  • Explore Midway and Lower Geyser Basins – Walk the boardwalk around Grand Prismatic Spring. Then follow the Firehole Lake Drive road to see the Great Fountain Geyser. Immediately thereafter, swing into the turnout for the Fountain Paint Pots.

Old Faithful Lodging:

  • Old Faithful Lodge – Reservations 866-439-7375
  • Madison Campground – Reservations 866-439-7375
  • Nearby - West Yellowstone, Montana Lodging (40 minutes West of Old Faithful)

Madison- Norris -Canyon Village Area (Central)

Things to See & Do

  • Drive & Swim Firehole Canyon – This is a one-way road that takes an extra 30 minutes or so, but is well worth it. In the summer, stop by the swimming hole along the right side of the road.
  • Explore Norris Geyser Basin – Stop for a short 1 mile walk to the Artist Paint Pots. Then, stop at the Norris Parking Area and wander along the boardwalk to see a number of springs and geysers, the most impressive being the Steamboat Geyser.
  • Check in at the Canyon Village Visitor Center – Continue towards Canyon Village, and take 30 minutes to explore the main Visitor Center.
  • Hayden Valley – Hayden Valley marks the area west of the Yellowstone River (and park road) between Fishing Bridge and Canyon Village. This picturesque valley is great for viewing wildlife.
  • Hike Mount Washburn – Moderate 6 miles RT. One of the most popular hikes in the park, Mount Washburn offers amazing views. Leave your car at the Chittenden Trailhead.
  • Fish the Madison River – Any angler should consider spending an afternoon along the banks of the Madison River, a blue ribbon fly fishing stream that runs from Hebgen Lake through the West Entrance to Madison Village.

Madison-Canyon Village Lodging

  • Canyon Lodge – Reservations 866-439-7375
  • Canyon Campground – Reservations 866-439-7375
  • Madison Campground – Reservations 866-439-7375
  • Norris Campground – First Come First Serve
  • Nearby - West Yellowstone, Montana Lodging

Tower Roosevelt – Lamar Valley (Northeast)

Things to See & Do

  • Petrified Forest – Either stop by the Petrified Tree (easily accessible from the road just west of Tower Junction) or hike up Specimen Ridge (east of Tower Junction) for a walk through many petrified trees.
  • Visit Tower Fall – As you make your way further north, make sure to turn out at stop to see the stunning 130 foot Tower Fall.
  • Discover Lamar Valley –Connecting Tower Roosevelt Junction to the Northeast Entrance at Cooke City, Lamar Valley is one of Yellowstone's hidden gems and a beautiful place for viewing wildlife.
  • Book a Wildlife Tour – One of the best ways to explore Yellowstone, and your best chance for spotting hard-to-find wildlife, is in a guided tour. Wildlife Outfitters
  • Scenic Drive over Beartooth Highway – This scenic drive is located just east of the Northeast Entrance. Drive out and back along the Beartooth Highway for spectacular views. It's hard to believe this scenic area is located outside of the park.

Tower Roosevelt –Lamar Valley Lodging

  • Roosevelt Lodge – Reservations 866-439-7375
  • Tower Fall Campground – First Come First Serve
  • Pebble Creek Campground – First Come First Serve
  • Nearby - Cooke City, Montana Lodging (just beyond the Northeast Entrance)
  • Nearby - Red Lodge, Montana Lodging (1.25 hours East of Cooke City)

Mammoth (North)

Things to See & Do

  • Mammoth Hot Springs – The boardwalk trails that surround Mammoth Hot Springs make the terraces easy to explore.
  • Sign up for Ranger Hike – There are a couple of ranger led hikes available in the Mammoth area, offering an informative and interesting way to see the area. Advance sign up is required and can be done at any park visitor center.
  • Swim the Boiling River – As one of the few places that you can take a dip in the warm waters of Yellowstone, a stop at the Boiling River swimming hole is not to be missed. ½ mile walk from the car park.

Mammoth Lodging

  • Mammoth Hot Springs Lodge - Reservations 866-439-7375
  • Mammoth Hot Springs Campground – First Come First Serve
  • Indian Creek Campground – First Come First Serve
  • Nearby - Gardiner, Montana Lodging (10 minutes North of Mammoth Hot Springs)
  • Nearby – Bozeman, Montana Lodging (1.5 hours north of Gardiner)

Yellowstone Lake (Southeast)

Things to See & Do

  • Visit the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone – There are two roads that offer great views into the canyon, one accessing Lower Falls and Inspiration Point while the other accesses Upper Falls at Artist Point. If you want to move the legs a bit, check out one of the nearby trails, either down into the canyon or along the canyon rim.
  • Sulphur Caldron and Mud Volcano – Easily accessible from the loop road, the turnoffs for the Sulphur Caldron and the Mud Volcano are located midway between Canyon Village and Yellowstone Lake and well worth the short stop.
  • Hike to Pelican Creek – Easy 1 mile loop trail through marsh and flatlands. Great for birding.
  • Bike or Hike to Natural Bridge – Easy 3 mile RT trail to a 50 foot natural bridge.
  • Wander along the West Thumb Geyser Basin Trail – This is an Easy 3/8 mile boardwalk trail with interpretive signs and sights like Fishing Cone and the Abyss Pool.
  • Boating & Fishing – You can rent a row boat or kayak at the Bridge Bay Marina (first come first serve).

Yellowstone Lake Lodging

  • Yellowstone Lake Lodge - Reservations 866-439-7375
  • Bridge Bay Campground- Reservations 866-439-7375
  • Grant Village Campground - Reservations 866-439-7375
  • Fishing Bridge RV Park – Hard-sided campers only. Reservations 866-439-7375
  • Nearby - Cody, Wyoming Lodging (1.5 hours West of Yellowstone Lake)

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