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Located about an hour’s drive from Jackson, Wyoming, Dubois (pronounced dew-boys) is a rural town that is rich in cowboy history but increasingly popular among outdoors enthusiasts.


A small town in big country, Dubois, Wyoming, is about an hour's drive from Jackson (to the west) and Riverton (to the east). This little gem of a town is bordered by geography unarguably second to none.

Visitors will delight in its history, scenery, and various outdoor opportunities. Dubois is often called the Gateway to Yellowstone as it is located a short drive from the Park's South entrance.


Dubois is approximately 86 miles northeast of Jackson.

The nearest commercial airports can be found at Riverton, Wyoming, Casper, Wyoming and Jackson, Wyoming. These airports provide connections with major airlines in Salt Lake, Utah, Denver, Colorado and Billing, Montana.

Dubois area motels offer shuttle services from the Riverton and Jackson airports where there are car rentals available.

Dubois has a new CAA approved, blacktop airport for private planes up to the DC-3 class. Powder River Bus lines connects Shoshone to Casper and Billings.

Lodging and Services

Despite its rustic appearance, Dubois offers a small variety of accommodations to fit visitor's tastes and budgets. Guest ranches offering an authentic Western experience are a long established Dubois area tradition. 

Dubois offers a few dining options as well. A stroll down the main street, most of it still appointed with boardwalks, yields a taste of Wyoming's Old West flavor. Log buildings, saloons, quaint shops, and even tipis welcome the travel-weary visitor.


For the outdoor enthusiast, Dubois offers year round outdoor adventures. Dubois is surrounded by the Shoshone National Forest and over 800,000 acres of unspoiled wilderness. Camping, hiking, wildlife viewing, horseback riding, fishing, hunting, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, dogsledding, and cross-country skiing are just some of the possibilities.

  • Camping:
    On the Wind River district of the Shoshone National Forest are campgrounds with both tent and trailer facilities. There are units provided for picnics and outdoor cooking, with fireplace grates and tables available in some of the more accessible grounds. Three large campgrounds are found along US Highways 26/287, these are Brook's Lake, Falls and Pinnacles campground. Several camping areas that are only accessible by dirt road, but which provide the camper with a feeling of seclusion that is not possible along the busy highway. Such are Horse Creek, East Fork, Double Cabin and Warm Springs campgrounds.
  • Hunting:
    For those who enjoy hunting, this region offers numerous big game opportunities for all big game animals found in the state with the exception of the Mountain Goat. Antelope, white tail and mule deer, elk, moose, bear and bighorn sheep all have their habitat in the surrounding mountains.
  • Hiking:
    Backpackers and hikers to the Winds can choose from nearly 800 miles of trails lacing the range's vast, stunning even sublime beauty. Over 150 glaciers work the Winds, calling out to hikers and climbers alike.
  • Fishing:
    Numerous streams and lakes in the Upper Wind River Valley boast excellent fishing opportunities. Non-resident fishing licenses may be obtained at various locations around Dubois and public access to the river is provided by several locations along the highway.
  • Winter Activities:
    Winter activities include snowmobiling with over 250 miles of groomed trails on the Continental Divide trail, and access to hundreds of miles of established trails. Cross-country skiing, dog sled adventures, and snowshoeing are other offerings which allow you to in the breathtaking scenery and wildlife during winter months.


Just a few of the special attractions in and nearby Dubois include

  • Dubois Museum - Explore the history of the area and observe historical buildings, artifacts and displays.
  • Dubois Town Park – A great place for a picnic or for the kids to enjoy a little rollerblading or skateboarding in the skate park. This is also a great place to take a stroll along the Wind River.
  • National Bighorn Sheep Interpretive Center – this area is the home to the largest herd of Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheet in the United States. The center offers information on the history and biology of bighorns, as well as management efforts and research.
  • Petroglyphs can be found at different locations and they are filled with the mystery of the early inhabitants of the area.

Getting Here

The road from Dubois to Jackson is a spectacular route. Just head west on US Highway 26/297 toward Moran Junction. At Moran Junction turn south and continue on to Jackson Hole on US Highway 26.

Along the way you will see mountains, the most spectacular of which, will be the Teton Mountain Range directly in front of your as you travel toward Moran, and then to your right (west) as you head on south.

Forested mountains, wide-open valleys, meandering rivers and streams will all be a part of your view. The road is a narrow, two-lane, two-way roadway, so stay alert. Also, be alert to wildlife that frequents the area.

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