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CNN Highlights Surfing on the Snake River

Just south of Jackson, Wyoming in the heart of the Snake River Canyon, land locked surfers don't have to travel far to enjoy a perfect "ocean" wave.

The Lunch Counter Rapid, a heart thumping feature of the Snake River for commercial whitewater rafting trips, is also known for its great surfing wave. Surfers jump into the river on their surf board (and a thick wetsuit) and start paddling upstream. The beauty of the wave is that it lasts forever. Imagine being able to surf a wave until you get tired.

To take a look at these Wyoming surfers during the summer months, head south of Jackson, turn right at the Hoback Junction toward Alpine, and pull off just above the Lunch Counter Rapid. 

Surfing this Snake River wave is only recommended for expert surfers as the wash-out below the wave is a serious rapid. A great way to truly experience this river is by hopping on a Whitewater Rafting Trip.

Rich Addicks from CNN highlights the new surfing destination in a video and article. See the entire CNN Article & Video Here.