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Birding in Jackson Hole

Birding in Jackson Hole offers wonderful opportunities for the serious "birder" or the more lighthearted "birdwatcher." From the majestic birds of prey such as osprey, eagles and hawks, to the colorful species of songbirds that fill the riparian areas of the valley, the Jackson valley is an aviary wonderland.

The Jackson area birding terrain is comprised of riparian, lakes, ponds and nearby marshes, sageflats and grasslands, forested foothills and moraines, mountain slopes, sub-alpine and town & settlement areas. Each lends itself to completely different experiences within the valley and nearby area.

When to Come & What to Wear

The best weather and time to watch birds is during late spring through summer (June-September). Even in the summer however, Jackson's weather can turn cold, rainy and generally nasty in the space of an afternoon.

Suggested Reading

By far and away the two best books on finding birds in the Jackson Hole area are:

  • Finding the Birds of Jackson Hole by Bert Raynes and Darwin Wile
    Chock full of information, from bird etiquette to bird lists, this book focuses around drive/bike loops and day hikes that cover a diverse terrain and difficulty level. A section is included on birds to look for, best bet were to find the species, and identifying confusing birds.
    Buy on Amazon: The Birds of Jackson Hole: A bird finding guide

Other Organizations

Jackson Hole Bird Club
A group of amateur birders meets on the second Sunday of every month. Times and places are announced in a local newspaper. Visitors are welcome.

Grand Teton National Park
Bird hikes are lead by rangers during the summer months; for more information contact the park at PO Box 170, Moose, WY 83012, (307) 739-3300.